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We are continuously seeking talented and motivated candidates to join our team. If you are seeking a world-leading institute in renewable energy to host you and have a scholarship sponsor or require both admissions and supporting scholarships (requiring an outstanding academic/industry record), please feel free to contact us directly. Our positions are available for all levels, including Masters, PhDs, and Post-docs. It is important to note that renewable energy research is highly interdisciplinary, and as such, we welcome candidates from all science/engineering backgrounds, such as Electrical, Chemical, Mechanical, Material, Chemistry, or related disciplines.

Current position advertisements

ANU researchers aligning a laser

Development of High-Efficiency Solar Cells Using Novel Laser Processes

The core focus of this PhD project is to develop high-efficiency solar cells using novel laser processes and advanced deposition techniques.

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Atomic Layer Deposition of Novel Nanolayer Materials for Solar Cells

In this project, you will develop novel nanolayer materials using ALD to improve solar cell efficiencies and explore their application in high-efficiency photovoltaic devices.