Perovskite & Tandem

Tandem Solar Cells

The focus of the ANU Perovskite solar cell research group is to advance the technology in order to facilitate and accelerate its commercialisation, thus helping to further drive down the cost of solar electricity generation.

Our work spans a number of interrelated areas. We have a strong focus on understanding the basic material and device properties, in order to identify factors limiting device performance and stability. Such an understanding guides the rational design of improved devices. This work is underpinned by the development of sophisticated device models and measurement techniques. We develop improved, low cost transport layers and electrodes, which are required for efficient current extraction from the device. Another important research topic is the investigation of degradation mechanisms in perovskite films and cells, under conditions that mimic actual cell operating conditions in the field, by probing the relationship between material properties, device architecture and device stability. Finally, we develop high efficiency tandem cells to exploit the full potential of the technology and demonstrate solar cell efficiencies significantly greater than is possible with conventional solar photovoltaic technologies. In this area, we have reported on record efficiency devices developed in our labs.

We have strong links with many of the world’s leading research institutions in the field, as well as with solar cell manufacturers including Jinko Solar, Risen Energy, GCL and Greatcell.

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