Bifacial Silicon Solar Cell

High-efficiency Solar Cells

Welcome to the High-efficiency Solar Cells Research Area!

Tandem Solar Cells

Perovskite & Tandem

The focus of the ANU Perovskite solar cell research group is to advance the technology in order to facilitate and accelerate its commercialisation…

Ray tracing of full PV system

Solar Modules & Systems

Welcome to the Solar Module and Systems Research Area! Our primary focus is on sophisticated modeling techniques to comprehensively optimize…

Hyperspectral Luminescence Imaging

Characterisation & Simulation

Innovation in science and technology relies on characterization and modelling, which are crucial for all levels of research in solar cell…

Ring defects

Silicon Materials

Our research aims to improve the quality of silicon materials used for solar cells, therefore increasing the…

Silicon Surfaces and Interfaces

Silicon Surfaces and Interfaces

Surfaces and interfaces are a key site of electrical losses in silicon solar cells, and minimising these losses is essential to realising high-…

Tuneable nanosecond laser


We have world class facilities for fabricating and characterising solar cells and mini modules.

PhD Candidates Wanted

Open PhD Positions

We are continuously seeking talented and motivated candidates to join our team. If you are seeking a world-leading institute in renewable energy…