High-efficiency Solar Cells

Bifacial Silicon Solar Cell

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Both Sides Contacted Solar Cells

The ANU PV group has established robust processes and advanced capabilities for fabricating high-efficiency both-sides-contacted silicon solar cells. These cells have achieved impressive certified efficiency of 24.7% by employing front boron diffusions and rear n+ polysilicon passivating contacts in n-type silicon solar cells. At the ANU, our extensive range of deposition, masking, and patterning techniques provides exceptional flexibility in cell processing. We have successfully adapted these techniques to various technologies, such as p-type silicon wafers, bi-facial solar cells, p+ polysilicon passivating contacts, as well as the latest advancements in surface passivation and passivating contacts technologies. Our team remains committed to continually updating and optimizing cell design and fabrication processes, and also exploring innovative solar cell designs.

High Efficiency Solar Cell
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