EOLITE Lasers PyroFlex 25-IR

Tuneable nanosecond laser.

The tuneable laser source allows to replicate temporal beam profiles from 1-600 ns and operates at 1064 nm and 532 nm wavelengths.

Laser doping

Precisely placed localised doping of silicon can be easily and rapidly achieved without any need for masking films, photolithography or high temperature diffusion processes. By scanning a laser beam across the silicon surface, a thin dielectric layer can be removed simultaneously while a local surface layer of silicon (to a typical depth of 1 to 2 micron) is melted and recrystallised. Dopants, for example boron, phosphorus or aluminium, can be easily introduced from the wafer surface and into the melt to form a doped region in the laser affected area.

Doping profiles that are achieved by laser doping are comparable to those obtained from traditional high temperature diffusions. The optimal set of laser parameters for laser doping will yield regions of deep, homogenous doping with minimal damage, low surface recombination and suitability for making low resistance ohmic contacts.


  • Pulse width: 1-600 ns with temporal beam shaping
  • Wavelength: 1064 nm + 532 nm
  • Repetition rate: 1-500 kHz
  • Power: > 25W in fundamental mode
  • Pulse Energy: 0 to 500 µJ
  • Beam profile: Gaussian beam profile
  • Micromachining setup: Four-axis stage with µm accuracy and 200 mm xy-scan range, Galvoscanner unit
  • Tuneable nanosecond laser
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Tuneable nanosecond laser