Light Conversion Pharos PH2-SP-10W-1mJ

Tuneable femtosecond laser for damage free ablation.

The tuneable femtosecond laser operates at three wavelengths and is integrated with a high-precision four-axis stage which achieves µm accuracy over a scan area of 200 mm x 200 mm.

Laser ablation

With the support of ACAP Infrastructure Funding we have installed a brand new Pharos laser in the photovoltaic laser laboratory at ANU. With a pulse duration adjustable over a wide range from femto- to picoseconds, three selectable wavelengths, motorized attenuators and lambda/2 waveplates, it is a quite slick setup offering a broad range of applications in laser ablation and processing.


  • Pulse width: Tuneable approx. 190 fs to 15 ps
  • Wavelength: 343 nm, 515 nm, 1030 nm
  • Repetition rate: Up to 200 kHz
  • Pulse energy: 1000 µJ (fundamental mode)
  • Beam profile: Gaussian beam profile (M2 < 1.2)
  • Micromachining setup: Four-axis stage, µm accuracy, 200mm xy-scan range
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Light Conversion Pharos PH2-SP-10W-1mJ
Optical bench setup of the femtosecond laser