PerkinElmer Lambda 1050 | UV/Vis/NIR Spectrophotometer


The PerkinElmer Lambda 1050 UV/Vis/NIR spectrophotometer is a powerful analytical tool designed for precise sample analysis in research and manufacturing. Its superior performance and flexibility make it an essential asset for a variety of applications, including the analysis of coatings, high-performance glass, solar materials, and advanced components.


Our Lambda 1050 is equipped with following options:

  • 150 mm Integrating Sphere: Ideal for scattering samples with variable thickness, enabling diffuse and specular measurements across a broad spectrum (250-2000 nm).
  • Automated Reflectance and Transmission Measurement System (ARTA): A versatile accessory with a 60 mm integrating sphere detector, variable slit, and sample holder. Capable of measuring BRDF/BTDF with precise control over angles of incidence (0-85° for Transmittance, 5-85° for Reflectance).
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PerkinElmer Lambda 1050 | UV/Vis/NIR Spectrophotometer